Philosophy of Trout Unlimited

Believes that trout fishing isn't just fishing for trout.

It's fishing for sport rather than for food where the true enjoyment of the sport lies in the challenge, the love and the battle of wits, not necessarily the the full creel.

It's the feeling of satisfaction that comes from limiting your kill instead of killing your limit.

It's communing with nature where the chief reward is a refreshed body and a contented soul, where a license is a permit to use- not abuse, to enjoy- not destroy our trout waters.

It's subscribing to the proposition that what's good for trout is good for trout fishermen and that managing trout for the trout rather than for the trout fishermen is fundamental to the solution of our trout problems.

It's appreciating our trout, respecting fellow anglers and giving serious thought to tomorrow.

Written by Art Neumann and E. Sutton